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A Proper Artist

A Support Group for players from Sweeney Todd in doubt

A Proper Artist: A Roleplay Support Group
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All Members , Moderated
A Roleplay Support group for neurotic RPers of the Sweeney Todd cast

For every barber, baker, lover, nutter, and pedo out there! This community is designed to comment and critique on the roleplays of those from the Sweeney Todd fandom. This, of course, means ALL the productions, remakes, etc, not just the movie. It's a place to safely disclose your fears or insecurities about whichever character you play from the fandom and have others help you work your way through.

So bring your problems to the help desk, because the doctors are in.

* Bring together ALL players from the Sweeney Todd fandom into a close-knit community.
* Facilitate in-depth discussion about playing any canon Sweeney Todd characters.
* Provide a comfortable environment for criticism and critique.

* You can join with your personal journal . . .
* Or you can join with an RP journal of the character in question - provided the RP journal has an acknowledgment of who the player is in its profile.
* Anonymous posting is not available nor allowed in this community. If you have an opinion, you need to have the guts to say it in "your" own voice.

* Be polite and courteous to one another
* No spamming, bashing, flaming
* No excessive swearing
* If someone posts something that you find offensive, either keep to the code of conduct or ignore it altogether. If you find it too offensive, contact the maintainers.
* Maintainers reserve the right to ban people who cause excessive amounts of drama. However, maintainers must notify the person being banned of this in a discrete manner (IM or E-mail). If maintainers cannot find contact information, you will be banned without warning.
* Maintainers reserve the right to delete and/or freeze comment lines due to spamming/bashing/flaming getting out of hand.
* Maintainers reserve the right to change policies and rules of conduct as situations arise. However, maintainers must notify the community at large of these changes.
* If problems arise, please contact one of the maintainers and we will get back to you within 72 hours.
* We would LOVE to hear what game you're playing from, however, this is NOT an advertising community.

* Flaming: Is not invited.
* Critique: Is asked for - so unless a person asks for it, it's not allowed.
* Flaming: Saying things such as "you suck," "you're OOC!," or "X wouldn't do that!"
* Critique: Providing ways the player could improve and giving examples of how this could work.
* Flaming: Insisting what the other person is playing is not "canon" or "wrong."
* Critique: Giving examples of why this is or is not canon while taking into account previous development and in-game circumstances.

Founder, Maintainer
kayzillaz / stick_to_priest (RP Journal, DO NOT CONTACT)


Easy enough to figure out. Just contact me~

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