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hi guys whats goin on.

hi, rip me apart~.

It's Lo again, and my current ST character is just_cutthroat, Sweeney Todd OU. I take RP, my portrayal, and my fandom pretty seriously. I'm constantly looking to improve, but improving is hard when everything is open to interpretation in canon for any character. To me, RP is like art, crits have a lot of debate behind them.

..Hn, recent logs I've been in..

Log 1: They can't fix me..

Log 2: Broken Glass.

Log 3:
I'm your friend too, Mr. Todd

Theres a ton more out there, I RP too much.

PS: crit my writing style if you want to, too.

May. 11th, 2008

Right then. Kay and Lo already know me. I'm Richard (eddiesteddy4711), and I play an AU Lucy Barker (barbers_wife) and OU Johanna Barker (teachme2sing). I'm not so concerned about how I play Lucy - she's simply a young Lucy who's not lost her Benjamin and I know enough about the Victorian era to pull that off.

So, then. Johanna Barker. I've found that my interpretation of her character is vastly different from how most people see her, and indeed, if I were taking her characterization from the stage show she would be vastly different from the way I play her.

So, I give you:

First, with OU Johanna, OU Sweeney Todd, and OU Mrs. Lovett.

Second, with OU Johanna and AU Dib Membrane.

Third, with OU Johanna and OU Sweeney Todd.

Fourth, with OU Johanna and AU Dib again (and a pair of razors. Because shiny sharp things are always good to have.)

Questions? Comments? Call this number or write to this adress. Constructive criticism is not only welcomed but also appreciated. Tell me what you like. Tell me what you don't like. Tell me what I can improve. ♥

Start it up

Alright, time to get things rolling.

kayzillaz here on my Mrs. Lovett journal. I figured I'd post with this instead of my normal journal this time around to make access to my RPing that much easier for you. Here are some logs:

Log #1
[Characters: Mrs. Lovett (OU), Sweeney Todd (OU), Lucy Barker (OU), Dib (AU), Mikami Teru (OU)]

Log #2
[Characters: Mrs. Lovett (OU), Johanna Barker (OU)]

Log #3
[Characters: Mrs. Lovett (OU), Jing (OU)]

(Please note: Some of these logs were never finished and go from newest to oldest. I also encourage you to take a look at the journal posts themselves)

I'm pretty comfortable with the way I play Lovett now, but I'm always looking for opinions from other people, along with criticism. In addition to asking for your opinion on how I play Lovett, I want to start a discussion:

Accents. How do you feel about them, how annoying are they to write/read, etc. Some characters obviously have thicker accents than others and some use different vocabulary. How do you incorperate it into your posts?

I'll be honest. For a while, I didn't even insert Lovett's accent into her posts because I thought it was too much work with how thick her cockney is. Then, after a while, it started to bother me and I started adding it to all her voice posts.

But anyway. Here's to the first crit request/discussion of the community!

Yo, intro~!

Well, hi there. I'm Yuna. -wave!- I play Pirelli aka Davey David Connors in on_fleet_street. Overall he's quite fun though I could never in my life play up to all the faults the movie labels him with. (Which is one annoyance I find in the film, but alas, thats a separate rant). Mostly I play him with the idea that 'Pirelli' is his performance character for the audience whereas, on his own, he's not nearly obnoxious.

Hmmm. What else can I say? Uhm. I enjoy making icons and other assorted Photoshop-y things.


I'm the other moderator of this budding community. The name's Lo, Lolite, or Psy, either or is fine.

Currently my main RPG is Econtra_RPG, but occasionally if the mood strikes I will RP on Furcadia where I own the alt Sweeney.
My drug character of choice is Sweeney Todd, and the journal I use to RP him on Econtra is
just_cutthroat. I haven't attempted RPing any other characters, but I might in the future.

Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy getting critiqued constantly, and my current obsession is staying closest to my interpretation of canon as I can. Any comments, good or bad, are all adored.

Uh..other stuff I do is drawing, writing, and concept art.

I bid you welcome!

The theatre is a temple---wait, wrong play.

Welcome to aproperartist, the community designed to assimilate all your doubts and fears about taking on the role of a Sweeney Todd character. I'm Kay, and I will be your mod for the duration of your stay, along with Lolite (psy_chedelic).

With so much left open for interpretation, taking on one of these characters can be a challenge. But, I think I speak for everyone when I say that this is one challenge worth taking on. Playing a sociopathic barber that kills people or baker who bakes dead bodies into pies is not something the spanish inquisition someone would expect to be easy, but it opens a lot of doors for different and exciting things to happen.

Still...there's always that question of "AM I DOIN' IT RITE?!?11!"

That's precisely why this community is here! So post away and wait for someone to come along to help you out. We're all one big happy family and are always happy to have more join the ranks!

(As a side note, you may also see me posting here on my Lovett journal, stick_to_priest)